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Our broad range of energy solutions for landlords and letting agents, including boiler replacements, solar PV & battery installations, electric storage heating, and underfloor insulation, can significantly increase your property’s energy efficiency. These upgrades contribute to a warmer, more comfortable living environment that can help attract and retain tenants.

Enhanced properties can command higher rent and often have lower vacancy rates. In addition, under new government regulations, landlords are required to meet certain energy efficiency standards. With our services, you can easily achieve and maintain compliance, avoid potential fines, and even qualify for relevant grants or incentives.

We work with many letting agencies and landlords in and around Glasgow. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help!

Key Benefits

Long-term Tenants | Increased rental Value
Landlords and Letting Agencies

Positive Tenant Relationships

By improving your property’s energy efficiency, you show your commitment to your tenants’ comfort and wellbeing. This can contribute to a positive landlord-tenant relationship and potentially lead to longer tenancies.

Landlords and Letting Agencies

Enhanced Property Appeal

High-efficiency homes are increasingly attractive to prospective tenants who value comfort and sustainability, potentially reducing the duration of any vacant periods.

Landlords and Letting Agencies

Potential for Increased Rental Income

The improved comfort and reduced running costs may allow for rental price adjustments.

Landlords and Letting Agencies

Regulatory Compliance

Stay in line with the latest energy efficiency laws and standards.

Our Process

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Client Testimonials

5-Star Rated Service from Trusted Letting Agencies
"I have worked with Gemma for over 5 years building a good relationship with her in this sector. She is so refreshing to work with! She takes on problems and finds solutions! She helped us raise the value of our property portfolio by raising the EPC rating on various properties. She is so helpful and on the ball with everything I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve the efficiency of their own home or any rentals they may own or manage."

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